The Frisky Guidebook: The City Of Love

As the romance capital of the world, Paris has the authority on many sexy things. After all, they did give the world couture dresses, Catherine Deneuve, and, of course, French kissing. Here are our suggestions for getting down in the city of love.


Dans Le Noir
51, Rue Quincampoix (4th arrondissement)
+33 1 42 77 98 04,

You say you like to do it with the lights off? At this restaurant, diners eat in complete darkness and are served by blind waiters. Without sight, your meal becomes a sensory experience. We’d just suggest not wearing that nice, new white blouse.
Pont des Arts
Between Quai de Conti and Voie Georges Pompidou
This wooden bridge that connects the 6th and 1st arrondissements is famous for hosting impromptu picnics on seasonable days. Grab a baguette, some brie, a bottle of Bordeaux, and take in the views of the Paris skyline.
Andy Wahloo
69 rue des Gravilliers (3rd arrondissement)
+33 1 42 71 20 38

A Moroccan bar in the quieter side of the Marais, Andy Wahloo’s interior features a kooky cross-section of pop art and North African decor. Grab a seat at one of the tables made from recycled signs and sip one of the potent cocktails before the dance floor becomes packed with boho-chic Frenchies.


Hotel Duo
11 rue du Temple, (4th arrondissement)
+33 1 42 72 72 22 ,

Hotel Duo does a wonderful job of combining modern design and prime location for relatively moderate prices (as low as 130 Euros in the off-season). The place feels both elegant and hip with a sleek lobby bar and rooms decorated in chocolate colors with colorful accents.
Hotel Amour
8, rue Navarin (9th arrondissement)
+33 1 48 78 31 80

Hotel Amour might be the hottest hotel in Paris, and not just because it’s the brainchild of two arbiters of cool — Thierry Costes (of the Hotel Costes) and André, the prolific graffiti artist and nightclub owner. Living up to its namesake, lovemaking is the theme here, from the graphic Terry Richardson photographs to the availability of afternoon-only room rentals.


Le Pop In
105, Rue Amelot (3rd arrondissement)
+33 1 48 05 56 13,

At times, the Pop In feels more like a house party than a bar. Picture a friendly, young, hipster crowd, packed shoulder-to-shoulder, passing around pitchers of cheap beer. The downstairs area plays host to up-and-coming indie bands and sweaty dance parties.
Le Baron
6 avenue Marceau, (8th arrondissement)

Dress to impress, because getting into Le Baron isn’t easy. Once past the velvet ropes, you’ll be amongst some of the most hip, beautiful, and chic people in Paris. With a plush velvet interior and flowing champagne, Le Baron boasts a sort of seedy luxury that is fast becoming de rigeur for exclusive Paris nightlife.
Point Ephémère
200 quai de Valmy, (10th arrondissement)
+33 1 40 34 02 48,

Overlooking the Canal St. Martin, Point Ephémère is a multipurpose space: a bar, gallery, and performance space, depending on the evening. Patrons are either artists or people who pretend they are (artistes).


Les Cocottes
133 Rue Saint Dominique (7th arrondissement)
+33 1 45 50 10 31

A newcomer to the restaurant scene, Les Cocottes is quickly becoming the destination for discount luxury food. Even though the decor recalls an American diner, the menu is pure French: lamb shoulder confit, buttery scallops, and chocolate tart.
Le Petit Prince
# 12 rue Lanneau (5th arrondissement)
+33 1 43 54 77 26

Tucked away on a tiny street in the Latin Quarter, Le Petit Prince feels like a well-kept secret (it’s not). Perfect for romantic dinners, the cozy interior is almost as intoxicating as the excellent wine and Old World French cuisine.
L’As du Fallafel
34, rue des Rosiers (4th arrondissement)
+33 1 48 87 63 60

There’s always a line at this falafel place, but it’s well worth the wait. For only a few Euros, you’ll get the best falafel sandwich you’ve ever had, filled with expertly seasoned chickpea patties, fried eggplant, and fresh vegetables. It might not be the sexiest meal to share, but it is a guaranteed orgasm in your mouth.


213 rue St. Honoré (1st arrondissement)
33 1 55 35 33 90 ,

Unless you’re Donald Trump, affording an outfit at this concept boutique is pretty much out of the question. For most, a trip to Colette isn’t about spending so much as it is about marveling at crazy designer iPods and hip Japanese jewelry. Colette recently revamped their space, and people are flocking to see the changes. You should, too.
French Trotters
30 rue Charonne (11th arrondissement)
+33 1 47 00 84 35,

Near the Bastille, French Trotters is another concept store, but one with merch you might be able to afford. The styles here are urban, colorful, and carefully selected; the owners routinely travel the world to bring back hard-to-find international goods.
48-50 rue de l’Université (7th arrondissement)
+33 1 45 44 50 14

This sexy and modern parfumerie features sniffing stations where humidifiers release different scents at the push of a button. Let your nose guide you to find the perfect scent with unexpected notes of absinthe, quince, or fig.