In Bed With … Emile Hirsch

Born: March 13, 1985, Topanga Canyon, California
Sun Sign (Basic Self): Pisces
Ascendant (Social Façade): Time Unknown
Moon (Emotions): SagittariusLove Style:

Idealistic and full of romance, he’s the kind of guy that takes the road less traveled in all areas in life. In love, Emile is all about fantasy, adventure, passion, and chivalry. He lives to keep his relationships exciting and evolving, as he’s looking for a spiritual soul mate to live out the impossible. To him, a relationship isn’t just about having a companion to have sex with and go to dinner parties with. He wants someone with whom he can explore every facet of existence on earth and beyond, to experience a journey and make life a mystical ride. Love is his drug to overdose on, and he wants to experience every moment of it deeply. Although his ideals are sometimes far-reaching, Emile won’t settle for anything less. His imagination is so strong, it’s resistant to anyone that would blur his vision. Emile’s like a shot of Nirvana; either you’re game or you’re not.

Sex Style:

For Emile, sex is best when it’s fast, intense, and rough. He loves tension: the more feisty energy in the boudoir, the more he’ll get off. He’s not above a girl hitting on him first. He likes the rebellious type. The more experimental the games, the more intrigued he’ll be. He loves to conquer new territories, try anything once, and being sexually fearless is his motto. However, he needs a quick pace; his patience is thin. This means he requires as much over the top energy as possible. Surprise, confidence, and a bit of resistance are required for his arousal. Challenge him and he’s game. Aggression is key to turning him on. The only drag is that when it comes down to it, it’s every person for themselves. Initially, he’s more of a taker than a giver.

His Type:

Classic beauties need not apply. With Emile, it’s about the exotic. Any lady who can bring something new and different to the table will pique his interest. He’s wants to learn, culturally and spiritually, in his relationships. The more adventurous and wild she is, the better. He wants a love so bold and strong that he gets an “us against the world” feeling when your forces are joined. Because he lives life at the extremes, he wants someone who can understand that and give him the space to do as he wishes, someone who has her own life and can admire him for his individuality as he can admire her for hers. Creativity is necessary, as Emile’s all about escape. The woman who can broaden his horizons to offer the most expansive view will become the lady of his dreams.