The Daily Squeeze: Marketing Of The Pill & A “Grey’s Anatomy” SPOILER

  • You know how Yaz manufacturers push its skin-clearing abilities more than the contraceptive benefits in its commercials? That’s no accident. In an effort to encourage better compliance, many birth control manufacturers and doctors are promoting the secondary health benefits of contraception. [New York Times]
  • According to Entertainment Weekly, Dr. Izzy Stevens on “Grey’s Anatomy” will be diagnosed with an aneursym-like disease that’s causing all her hallucinatory interactions with her dead fiance. [Pop Eater
  • Elvis Costello is very upset with filmmaker, Jared Hess, because Costello claims Hess refused to credit him for the name of his 2004 hit, “Napoleon Dynamite.” Sorry, Elvis, I don’t think any really cares about this movie anymore. [Spinner]
  • A doctor volunteering in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo faced a rather daunting task of performing a rare forequarter amputation–removing the collarbone and shoulder blade–in order to save a 16-year-old boy’s life. The only problem was the doctor had never performed the surgery before. So he did what any of us in need would do, he texted a friend, who in turn texted him the life-saving instructions. I love modern technology! [Asylum]
  • Ugh. Star Jones’ ex, Al Reynolds, may get his own reality dating show that is supposed to be a lot classier than “Flavor of Love.” I think it will be on par with “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila,” if you know what I mean. [Mediatakeout]