Gossip Site Makes Light Of Hudson Family Tragedy

Dear Bossip.com,
Sometimes we link to your celebrity gossip stories in “Star Couplings” or “Quickies,” but we might not be doing that for awhile, or ever again, thanks to this little post. Yeah, we know that a lot of gossip sites making fun of and ridicule celebrities, but your post about Jennifer Hudson’s sister went way too far. Whoever killed Julia Hudson’s mother, brother, and son — the police have arrested her husband William Balfour — did so because he is a disgusting, depraved human being and not for any reason connected with the way Julia looks. Your headline, “The Hudsons Were Killed Over This Woman????”, not only makes light of a tragic situation, but it also shows a complete lack of understanding of the motivations behind domestic violence. And it’s just really, really effing mean.
The Frisky