Bootie Pies: Convenience I Don’t Understand

I was flipping through New York magazine at the gym last night and was absolutely puzzled when I came across a small ad for something called “Bootie Pies.” These boots are made for wearing during the winter after you get a pedicure. The company means well. They don’t want your newly painted nails to get smushed in shoes, or for your feet to get frostbite from wearing flip-flops home from the salon. But the aesthetics just aren’t there. Basically, the boots are Uggs with a removal toe covering. They also have a zipper in the back that allows you to slip your foot in easily. It’s true that peep-toe booties are in right now, but these don’t fall into that category (and that trend is questionable anyway). Why spend $128 on ugly boots when you can just spend an extra 5 minutes at the drying station? If it snows, your Bootie Pies certainly won’t protect your tootsies. [Bootie Pies]