The Frisky Gift Guide: Our Dream Gifts

Just as most women have a list of celebrities they dream about sleeping with, we all lust after a few items that we almost certainly won’t receive, even if we weren’t the least bit naughty this year. Read The Frisky staff’s wishes below, then tell us what you’re dreaming of in the comments …

“I have about 10,000 dresses — buying them has helped me recover from my breakup, no joke — and this one would be perfect for New Years Eve (coincidentally, the day I got engaged, last year). Nothing saw ‘Boo-ya, you’re missing out, like a sweet, sparkly, cocktail dress.” — Amelia
BR Monogram Beaded Dress, $275,

“I’ve begged for this bag for the past 5 years. One day it will happen. I love it because Chanel is classic and never goes out of style.” — Leigh
Chanel Large Flap Bag,

All-Expenses-Paid Trip to Costa Rica

“I’ve been obsessed with fur since I was a child because it’s the epitome of luxury and glamour.” — Annika
Mink Coat, $2,999,

Maybach 57, starting at $300,000,

“I want to look like Tina Turner circa ‘Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.'” — Simcha
Christian Louboutin Pleated Shoulder Bag, $1,845,

“I want one with all the lenses. I think it would make me take more pictures.” — Emily
Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera Body, $2,999.99,

“I have no idea what I would do with a bow-tie that costs more than $100, but it’s just so pretty … and plaid!” — Catherine
Dundee Old Ancient Tartan, $115,