No Time To Write Your Life Story? Compose A Six-Word Memoir Instead

“Liars, hysterectomy didn’t improve sex life!” That’s Joan Rivers’ six-word memoir, as published in Not Quite What I Was Planning, which has been rereleased in a deluxe edition for the holidays. We’re hoping they add ours to the next edition … [Jezebel]

  • “It’s had its ups and downs.” — Annika
  • “Good parents; spoiled, but not rotten.” — Claire
  • “Born, raised, wild, engaged, f*** it.” — Amelia
  • “These six words have been censored.” — Susannah
  • “Stress-free since I lost my virginity.” — Simcha
  • “Still eating peanut butter sandwiches daily.” — Catherine
  • “Hopefully I’m just a late bloomer.” — Wendy
  • Write your own six-word memoir in the comments!