K-Fed: For The Record

Now that his ex-wife Britney Spears has opened up about the past few tumultuous years, Kevin Federline is sharing his side of the story exclusively to People. Federline’s definitely had some coaching from his publicist, but he seems genuinely concerned about Britney — because she’s the mother of his children. Highlights after the jump. K-Fed says the wedding was his happiest memory of the marriage. How sweet! Then he adds, “I never thought that I would get married but it wound up happening.” Never thought he’d get married? Kevin was rumored to have been engaged to Shar Jackson, who was pregnant with his second child when he met Britney. I think he planned on getting married but was waiting for the right sugar mama to come along. Since Shar was no longer on “The Parkers” or “Moesha,” she didn’t have enough pay to play, in his eyes. He said he gave his life to Britney without question. But I think he did ask one question: “When do I get my black AmEx?”

As we all know now, his marriage to Britney didn’t last long. Kevin blames the demise of the relationship on “complications.” He doesn’t address any specific “complications,” but he does reveal having children early in the marriage changed everything. In her interview, Britney said Kevin was trying to pursue his own ventures, like that crappy single, “PopoZao,” and his as yet unreleased album. I think she expected him to stay by her side … as Mr. Britney Spears. He says he was shocked when Britney filed for divorce.

Did Kevin pursue custody because of the money? According to him, he wanted his children to be safe. Shar’s always said Kevin was a great father, and she had plenty of reasons to trash talk him if she wanted to. However, he may have needed those child support payments to help pay off his high-powered divorce attorney.

Federline seems like he’s a stand up guy — about 70 percent of the time. Although he’s not in love with Britney anymore, he said he still has love for her and wants her to be happy for the sake of their children. He’s maintained a relationship with Britney’s parents so they have access to their grandsons.

Over the last year, Federline has proven his devotion to sons Preston and Jayden — and that’s, well, respectable.