Frisky News: Two New Must-Read Columns!

If you aren’t addicted already, we here at The Frisky are happy to announce that we’ve got two great women writing new weekly columns for the site. For all your mating, dating, and relationship needs, acclaimed author, editor, and former Village Voice columnist Rachel Kramer Bussel is doing “Dating Drama.” So far, she’s revealed how to figure out if he’s The One, exposed that sometimes a sex columnist doesn’t have safe sex, and profiled professional flirts. Meanwhile, Claire Zulkey, a Chicago-based blogebrity who’s written for the LA Times and The Onion, is covering the wedding beat in “Wife With a Life.” Her first installment, “How My Mom Planned My Entire Wedding and Nobody Got Hurt,” debuted this week as part of her ongoing series on becoming a bride without turning into a bridezilla. We hope you’ll bookmark them, along with all our other great writers!