Facebook Group Not Sure If It’s On Crazy Pills or Just Hates Nicole Kidman

Poor Nicole Kidman. Just when everything was looking up for her — a new baby, a seemingly happy marriage to successfully-rehabbed Keith Urban, a starring role in an epic film about her native Australia alongside fellow countryman and People’s sexiest man alive, Hugh Jackman — a bunch of meanies with nothing better to do started a Facebook group called Am I Taking Crazy Pills or Is Nicole Kidman the Worst Actress in the World? While it’s too early to tell if the group’s cruel intentions will be enough to drive Nic into indefinite hiding with Sunday Rose and her favorite feathered-hair crooner, for the sake of cinema let’s hope she never reads any of the group’s choice comments …“Its so embarressing haveing actresses that come out this country with more talent in their natural lips than NK has in her whole botox overloaded body…and she is getting paid a motza for it. When are the studios going to see they are throwing their money down the toilet with her in the cast.”

“nicole kidman is totally gross and looks like the blair witch!
shes totally…reeking. her only good movie was the one where she……drowned herself.”

“Nicole = Bland!”

“She just seems to have gotten freakier and freakier as time has gone on…she is like this scary little plastic doll, and when she smiles there are those wierd stretch-lines in the lips…and she goes ‘tiiihiihii’ instead of laughing. Her face is so tight I think her head might fall apart if she let out a big honking belly laugh.”

And, my favorite:

“Is there anyone on here in Sydney that would be happy to do an on-camera interview about Nicole??”