Break Up, Already!

We’re just going to come right out and say it: staying in a bad relationship just because you a) don’t want to be alone for the holidays or b) don’t want to be the bad guy/gal who dumped someone during the most wonderful time of the year is a waste. Why wait until after the new year (or worse yet, after Valentine’s Day) to make a change and move forward? It’s not going to be easy, but isn’t it better to be free than to be dreading an impending breakup for the next couple of weeks or months?

Here are our top 5 highly unscientific reasons you should break up before January 1st:1. No gifts to buy.
Did you think that maybe the reason you’re having such a hard time shopping is that your heart just isn’t in it? Rather than give a token gift (or worse, a last minute drugstore buy with no thought in it at all), cut ties and save that cash for someone you really love, like a family member, roommate or yourself.

2. You can skip the trip to his parent’s place.
Let’s face it, there’s always some kind of family drama involved in the holiday, and it’s usually because you’re struggling to maintain your cool in the face of endless questions from your partner’s loved ones about your career, living situation or having kids. Free yourself from the burden of traveling to where you don’t want to be anyway.

3. You’ll lose the nagging guilt.
It can’t be fun, fa-la-la-ing all over town on the outside and coming home in turmoil over the fact that you’re no longer in love with this person. You’re not doing yourself or your partner any favors by staying together. Give yourselves the chance to salvage the holidays separately, rather than stay together and be miserable.

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