The Frisky Gift Guide: Guy-Approved Boyfriend Gifts

Sometimes, we think we have the best gift ideas for boys, but then realize we bought what we would have wanted, not what they would actually like to get. Since we’re not guys, we asked a few of our friends what they were hoping and praying for this year, in a dream world. Crib one of their wishes for your lover/boyfriend/husband…

“I usually like more of a blank sheet, but I love me some grids. And it’s cool that the thicker lines mean my chicken scratch won’t get all slanted.” — Jon
Doane Paper Utility Notebook, $9.95 for 3,

“Stainless steel martini glasses are glamorous, yet still masculine.” — Noah
Stainless Steel Martini Glass, $6.96 on sale,

“The clip is cheap, stylish, and functional. A nice thing to do might be to put some sort of tickets in it: maybe a concert of a shared-interest band or a sporting event.” — Geoff
Stainless Steel Paper Clip Money Clip, $29,

“I’m too poor to buy real art, but these band posters come damn close for only $25 or so. They’re beautifully designed, are usually limited edition and signed, with the added benefit of proving I have good taste in music to anyone who comes over.” — Jon
Okkervil River hand-numbered poster signed by the artist, $30 on sale,

“Get the one narrated by David Attenborough NOT the one narrated by Sigourney Weaver. (Sigourney is OK, but it’s exactly the same show and Attenborough is just way more British and commanding in his narration, whilst Sigourney is a little more friendly.)” — Chuck
Planet Earth, The Complete BBC Series On HD DVD, $39.99,

“I’d feel like a kid in a candy shop…that is, if I were a 21-year-old kid and the shop happened to have the best beer selection in the city.” — Colin
Gift Certificate to Spuyten Duyvil Grocery, or a specialty beer store in your city

“Drinking scotch makes a guy feel tough.” — Andrew
Oban Scotch, $56.99,

“Two tickets to a sporting event for him and buddy, not you.” — Chuck
“Tickets to a sporting event: You really can’t go wrong.” — Andrew

“A custom-fitted dress shirt from Thomas Pink that’s made just for you, exactly how you want it, plus one that will last a lifetime; what’s not to love?” — Colin
Thomas Pink Made-To-Order Shirt, from $275,

“What I really want are a pair of Common Projects sneakers. They look like monochrome All-Stars, but they’re beautifully made. Buttery soft leather, outsoles that are stitched to the uppers, not glued, and a so minimalist that they go with any outfit.” — Jon
Common Projects Shell Toe High Sneakers, $330,

A piece of clothing: “Because guys don’t usually shop for themselves, so they like it when their girlfriends pick out something cool for them to wear.” — Andrew
Freemans Sporting Club Navy Wool Jacket, $348,

“It doubles as a Blu-Ray player.” — Andrew
Sony Playstation 3 80GB, $399.99,

“A first-edition copy of Child of God (or any first-edition by Cormac McCarthy). I’m not sure if I’d actually read it, out of fear that I’d damage it, but just having a first edition from my favorite writer on my bookshelf would be amazing. I’d probably stare at it constantly.” — Colin
Child of God First Edition, about $425,>