Girl Scouts Want To Ban Airbrushing

Their uniform isn’t the only thing the Girl Scouts, or “Girl Guides,” as they’re called in the UK, are modernizing; their manifesto is getting updated, too. No longer so focused on sewing, cooking, and making Mother’s Day corsages out of pink tissue paper, modern-day scouts are more concerned with putting a ban on “the airbrushing of models in magazines and a crackdown on peer pressure to have sex too soon.” To create their new manifesto, Girlguiding UK, a publication devoted to all things Girl Guides/Girl Scouts, surveyed 1,000 members about the issues that concern them most. The top ten concerns of today’s Girl Scouts? Find out after the jump. [The Daily Mail] • Stop domestic violence
• Speak out against young people who carry knives
• Stand up against bullying
• Put an end to airbrushing of models’ photos in magazines
• Combat pressure of young women to have sex before they’re ready
• Tackle climate change
• Say ‘no’ to drugs
• Reduce the debt owed by developing countries
• Make sure women have equal career opportunities
• Fight for equal pay for men and women

I would have added “put a ban on fluorescent lighting in dressing rooms,” but that’s just me. If we had “Women Scouts,” what would you include in our manifesto?