Plan A Stress-Free Girls Getaway

It would be hard to find a more fitting pair than of sex and travel. Here, one adventurer, who has kissed an uncounted number of men who don’t share her zip code, shares her experience combining the two through more than 30 countries.

We all need girls-only weekends, and not only because groups of women are excellent single-guy bait. A weekend away with your closest friends is a good way to put just about anything in perspective, including a recently ended relationship. Once you decide to embark on a testosterone-free journey, there are a few things you shouldn’t do. Don’t Overpack
If you’re taking a weekend trip, an excess of clothes will only complicate getting dressed in the morning and make packing a chore when it’s time to leave. Divide up the beauty supplies that you’ll all use, like mouthwash or hairspray, and you’ll save space both in your carry-on and on the hotel bathroom counter. And remember, the gals aren’t going to care if every strand of your hair is in for the entire weekend, so time spent primping is a waste.

Keep It Small
Traveling in packs is tough and complicates decision-making. Make sure no more than five people come along, because if the number gets too large, you’ll spend more time ironing out misunderstandings than enjoying your time away. (Four works better if you’re planning on taking taxis.)

Be Selective
Just because your BFF from fifth grade recently reappeared in your life doesn’t mean you should invite her to come along with you and your other friends. After all, spending three days with someone who you’re not totally comfortable with isn’t the ideal solution — just think back on how Thanksgiving with your extended family turned out!

Stay Off The Phone
Whether you’re calling to wish your boyfriend goodnight or checking in with your mother, gabbing on your phone will annoy your friends. If you must take a call, take it somewhere away from the group. Your friends won’t be pleased when they can’t escape you cooing sweet nothings into your iPhone.

Go With The Flow
Planning every second of your day and sticking to a rigid schedule will only ensure that you return home more stressed than when you left. Instead, make a few plans, but not back-to-back activities. This is especially key when shower or mirror time is limited. Remember that it’s okay to have some alone time — you shouldn’t feel like you need to do everything together.

Minimize The Guy Talk
Droning on and on in the company of your friends about how you miss the man you’re dating is rude (especially around a newly dumped or eternally single friend). Can you go a few days without telling the story about how he brought flowers to your office? Yes, you can.

Keep It Chill
A tiff is bound to happen when you put a bunch of girls together for an extended period of time. But even though you’ll probably get annoyed with one of your pals, make sure not to bring up needless arguments. And remember, a happy hour (or two) can always lighten the mood.