Liveblogging “Britney Spears: For The Record”

Tonight I’ll be liveblogging the premiere of MTV’s Britney Spears documentary at 10pm. I am so excited my head is going to explode. Leading up to the premiere of the doc AND the release of her newest album “Circus,” Brit has been making the rounds, performing “Womanizer” at THREE European events this weekend. She totally ripped off Madonna’s look, but I can forgive her. Check out one of the performances above and then come back to this post TONIGHT AT 10PM as I liveblog the documentary with all the pent up love of a hard core Britney fan. Don’t hate. 10:01 Brittttneyyyyyyyyy!!!!! No topic off limits? We’ll see about that. I wanna know why she cut her hair. Oh she looks so adorable again! I love that Britney is eating cheese grits the day of the VMAs. She not doing any of that crap crash diet nonsense the day of an award show.
10:03 Look at how many people are deciding every second of her life. This is making me sad. Oh dear, I love that she’s trying to act like the 2007 VMAs was just an “okay performance.” Yikes. Weary? Wary? Britney is a nail biter when she doesn’t have her acrylics.
10:06 Bad people? Sam Lufti! I don’t think she’s referring to Adnan here. Aww, I’m kind of getting a little heart swell during the VMA bit. I am such a softie.
10:08 Dead Without Dancing would be a great band name.
10:10 Ooooh, she’s talking about Justin! Justin! And now she’s talking about Kevin! This is amazing! She is so adorable again, I just can’t stand it. Am I being a Britney freak? I think I am. I’m sorry. I’ll stop. Must be objective. SHE LOOKS SO PRETTY!!!!
10:13 Aww, I can’t decide if I like Jamie Spears or think he’s a crazy control freak. Britney, I don’t want you to get married again. Maybe ever. But definitely not until after you’re 30. Dude, I love that she is ratting out K.Fed for the loser prick that he is. Am I allowed to say prick? Prick, like prick your finger!
10:15 Why didn’t you go back to Louisiana, Brit? Why? I love that she’s thinking about these questions and looking back at her past decisions. She’s def in therapy.
10:17 Head-shaving!!! Dude, I totally buy this excuse. I thought it was totally bad ass of her and kind of punk rock. Totally eff the establishment, eff Kevin, shearing herself of her femininity. Loved it. I wish she had actually rocked the look rather than covering it up with Barbie wigs.
10:19 Ugh, Britney shut up. You are tots in therapy. I am in therapy. I recognize the language. Plus for your ass, therapy is probably mandatory. Embrace it!
10:21 I just invented a drinking game. Every time you see Britney drinking a Frappaccino, DRINK! Oh no, she’s tugging at my heart now with all the talk of not being able to go anywhere with her kids. Kind of want to cry. Man, she looks miserable sitting in that car.
10:24 Oh my god, look at those paparazzi just ATTACKING her. It’s insane. Why was that pap freaking out?
10:26 Britney doesn’t consider herself a victim. Which is good. Because she’s not. But it must kind of suck, in a lot of ways. I wouldn’t like be followed all the time, for any amount of money. Also, WHY hasn’t there been a commercial? I want PIE.
10:29 Britney could wear that striped shirt as a dress. I’m just saying. Um, she looks amazing in that blue dress. She doesn’t look like a lawyer. That suit on the other hand, is horrible. She’s so funny.
10:30 So if not question is off limits, WHY haven’t they talked about Adnan? Or Sam? “In The Heights” is supposed to be good. LOVE MATCH ALERT! Britney needs to date one of the “In The Heights” actors.
10:34 Kevin is known as “my babies’ daddy.” Britney, I still think you’re cool.
10:38 Did Papa Spears just say Britney was wearing hooker shoes? That’s a little Papa Joe-esque. Oh my god, her impression of her dad is hilarrrrious. Aww, you can tell her dad really loves her, crying like that. Where is in the hell is Lynne, BTW? Evil Mommy Lynn? Who was the hot guy in the plaid shirt? A doctor? Is she getting drug tested?! Oh wait, nevermind, is she getting a tattoo?
10:44 Britney! Don’t cry! Oh no, now I might cry. Poor girl. I swear, I will defend that bitch till the end. Y’all, this is depressing me. Can Britney please get a break? I want her to be able to travel somewhere without the paps.
10:46 She’s talking about her bad period now, and having her babies taken away, and then not wanting to be at home cause they weren’t there. I think she’s been really honest and articulate this whole time. She’s a lot smarter than people give her credit for. Ooooh Madonna cameo! Oh wow, major plastic face Madonna. Madonna is talking about why she chose “Human Nature” for Britney, and how it has the line, “What was I thinking?” Madonna is getting deep now. It’s the Kabballah talking.
10:50 I wish people would address the people she is mad at by name. Why do they get off being anonymous?
10:52 Her sons she calls her “precious jewels.” I think Britney’s cousins need to live with her. They seem like nice women who will keep her down to earth. Those kids are cute little nuggets.
10:55 So here’s the thing. If her dream is to be on an island where no one can get to her and her kids, than why not step out of the entertainment industry altogether and make it a reality?
10:57 BRITNEY IS MAGIC. Doesn’t Britney look like she’s wearing the outfit from the “Oops I Did It Again” video? Is it weird that I kind of want my backup career to be as Britney’s assistant?
10:59 The “Circus” video looks HOT. I hate it when people say they don’t have regrets. That’s bull. Of course you have regrets Britney. Don’t you wish you had curbed your behavior JUST a little so Kevin couldn’t take the kids away? Look at how many people she has around her to make sure she’s entertained every second of the day. That’s crazy. Yet she’s still bored. That’s SAD.
11:02 Did Martin Bashier narrate this documentary? The guy who did that Michael Jackson doc? Oh Britney, PLEASE do a book. I will help ghostwrite it. This show is crazy good, I have to admit. Home girl was UPFRONT. Also, I think Britney is way deeper than people realize. She just needs nice people around her. “I go through life like the Karate Kid.”