Who Should Britney Spears Date Next (With Or Without Daddy’s Approval)?

In Rolling Stone’s cover story on Britney Spears (on newsstands today), the singer describes some recent dates she’s been on, all “supervised” by her assistant. While none of the dates have been successful, it goes without saying that post-Federline and post-breakdown, Papa Spears is keep a very close eye on who his daughter hangs out with. While some say Britney still holds a candle for Adnan Ghalib, we think she should drop that trash and, when she’s ready, find herself a man who’s not going to use her. Who knows what her mom and dad will approve of — they don’t seem to want too many people to get close to Britney and her millions — but we have some suggestions that could totally work. Kevin Jonas: Okay so he’s a little young, but he’s as clean as they come. A contract under Disney is probably tighter than a conservatorship with Jamie Spears. However, the Jonas Brothers are known for their purity rings anyway. If there was a love connection between the eldest Jonas and Brit-Brit, there’d be no boom-boom, but dad will definitely approve.

Kanye West: Both Brit and Kanye thrive on attention. Kanye is the cocky type who’ll take the reigns in this relationship. It might be good — and a nice change! — for Britney to have a stable guy take charge. Plus, I can also smell a Billboard smash duet coming…

Leonardo DiCaprio: Leo is one of the best and most highly respected younger actors in Hollywood. And despite his past of dating models, he’s pretty clean cut. There’s no DUIs, arrests or scandals in his closet. Plus, he’s also a do-gooder who is involved in a lot of causes for the environment. He could do a lot to open Britney’s eyes to world issues AND help clean up her image.

Derek Hough: Only a teeny bit younger than Britney and a renowned dancer, he and partner Brooke Burke just won “Dancing With The Stars.” Hough has been a trained dancer all his life just like Britney — we envision many sexy dance numbers in their future.

Aubrey O’Day: Britney still has a wild side and she’s had the “company” of women before. Maybe a lesbian fling is in order. Both she and the former-Danity Kane singer are have experimented in the past and while Aubrey has a wild side, she’s always stayed on the right side of the law.

Brody Jenner: He’s Hollywood royalty so he won’t be out for her money. Plus his boyish good looks are a preppy departure for the pop star, who’s seemed to have a thing for dirt bags. Plus, while he’s a player, Brody has always shown that he knows how to treat a lady — before, while, and after they’re gone out.

Mystery Man: While he doesn’t exist — yet — I think Britney should get with a nice, normal country boy. Someone from back home and who knows her roots — plus, it would be good for her to date outside of Hollywood.

[Photos: Splash News]