The Frisky Gift Guide: Safe & Sexy

What do you get for the gal that has everything? Something to protect her most prized possessions! Safe sex presents are the best way to show someone you care — whether or not you want to go there. After the jump, our playful picks for gifts that get dirty and keep it clean…

Yule A Go-Go DVD
Some sexy burlesque strip tease will put you in the mood to party in your panties.
[$19.99 at Yule A Go-Go]
Condom Carrying Case
Carrying condoms is oh-so-important for the girl on the go! But just like your vag, you’ve got to take care of your love glove to make sure it doesn’t get busted. This retro-looking compact makes for the perfect pretty and discreet case. Bonus for buying, 10% goes to the YouthAIDS charity.
[$19.95 at Just In Case, Inc.]
Lipstick Vibrator
This inconspicuous lipstick vibe will put a rocket in your pocket! So, you’ll always be ready to blast off.
[$11.25 at Amazon]
Gold Xena Cuff
Metal handcuffs are criminal! So if you want to be a bad girl, get yourself locked up in these luxurious bangles.
[$355 at Agent Provocateur]
Booty Parlor Lubricant
The girlie glass bottle with fancy lettering seems like some expensive perfume to the unsuspecting eye, when, in actuality, it’s a lube that “works with toys as well as boys.”
[$12.98 at]
Portable Stripper Pole
Wow your man by working his second favorite kind of pole. All the girls in Utah are doing it!
[$229 at Lil Mynx]
Beyond Seven Condoms
The Corvette of condoms, beyond sevens will take you to heaven in style. You’ll feel every bump in the road. What a wild ride!
[$10.79 a dozen at CVS]
Vanilla Dental Dam
A vanilla dental dam will keep you licking like it’s a tasty ice cream cone without all the added calories.
[$1.50 at]