Dancing With The Stars: Samantha Harris’ Hit Or Miss Hair

Now that the seventh season of “Dancing with the Stars” has come to an end, we decided to take a look back at host Samantha Harris and her extravagant outfits. We have come to the conclusion that her hairstyles are either hit or miss. It seems so much attention is paid to dress selection, that her hair is an afterthought. Maybe next season, Rachel Zoe will be a contestant and her assistant Taylor can be Samantha’s stylist. After the jump, our assessment of five of Samantha’s hairstyles…
So, originally she was supposed to have had beautiful curls, but as she waited backstage, some absentminded intern turned on a wind tunnel to cool Samantha’s brow. Unfortunately, it also destroyed her curls, and her hairstylist only had time to flatten her tresses. MISS!

After the wind tunnel debacle, Samantha and her stylist decided lacquered pageant hair was definitely the way to go. HIT!

Yay, it’s the bi-polar! Is it an up-do or down-do? Is it straight or wavy? We know, it was just an afterthought. MISS!

This time, the up-do and the down-do met on middle ground. We love the semi-pompadour and the twisted business in the back. HIT!

So it looks like Samantha’s hairstylist had a little “Rome” On Demand marathon before creating this style. Samantha looks like she wishes they had used less hair pieces, so her neck wouldn’t strain under the weight. If this bun was one-third of its size, we’d like it. MISS!

[Photos: ABC.com]