Commenters Ball: Our Favorite Comments Of The Week

We here at The Frisky live for celeb gossip, chocolate, and your comments. What can we say, you bitches crack us up! So in honor of you, our smart, sexy, and incisive readers, who aren’t afraid to talk smack on the Internet, we’re going to start giving away prizes! For this, our first week dishing out the goodies, our five favorite frisky commenters will each receive an eco-friendly T-shirt from Quiksilver! Now, without further adieu, here are our five winners…Best Advice
“Simone” from 30 Things A Woman Should Not Try Before 30
We’ve all had a bad hair cut, but when you do it to yourself, that’s what really hurts. Simone had a warning for us all:

“Beware of trimming your bangs during PMS week. Can we say “spiral-cut Ham” bangs?

Photo Worthy
“par3” from Five Ways To Look Better In Photos

“if all else fails, purse the lips. everyone will hate you for it but secretly envy your cheekbones.”

Hm, do you work for the Olsen Twins, par3?

Best Male Member
“EastCoastMale” from Deal Breaker: The 26 Year Old Virgin
“EastCoastMale” has been representin’ all week like he’s the Frisky’s Biggie Smalls. So “shannac02” gave him a thanks on behalf of womankind for rappin’ about his male experience with us. He replied:

“aww well thank you very much. I dont mind talking about any subject really, I am very open, maybe to my own detriment when it comes to certain things (wink). We definitely have those same type of guys out here on the east coast, I am currently in a town where I would say the majority of them are that way but I am moving even closer to civilization soon so that wont be a problem. Girl issues, guy issues I think they are all interesting.”

Best Work Out
“Lynn” from Pole Dancing To Become An Olympic Sport?
A bunch of Mormon housewives are leading a campaign to make workin’ the pole an Olympic sport with regulation hot stripper heels. So “Lynn” pointed out:

“Oh, of course, high heels are just athletic equipment! So now when I get all dressed up I can count it as equal to going to the gym, right?”

Proudest Party Girl
“Crimsonmoon” from What Your Facebook Status Says About You
While Wendy pointed out, bragging about your boozing is a little unprofessional, “Crimsonmoon” has a point too:

“I like the Bailey’s idea, it should totally be legal at work…come on, we won’t get drunk, it will help us work harder. Amazing…”

Looks like a case of you say potato, I say vodka!

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