The Frisky Gift Guide: For Brothers And Boyfriends

You probably have lots of men in your life, even if you’re boyfriend-less. So, if you have a brother, or a boy friend (I have started referring to my male friends as “boy-space-friends” so they aren’t confused with boyfriends, one word), then he might like one of the items after the jump. Or he might prefer a six-pack of beer.

Make him take down the taped-up posters hanging in his room in favor of grown-up (but still cheap) art. This 8.5″ x 11″ print costs just $20, and there are others available from different artists.
Untitled (elephant) by Don Hamerman, $20, 20×

Help your men prove wrong the assumption that guys are messy by giving them the tools they need to be neat.
Dart Coat Hooks, $32 for 3,

It’s hard to come by a not-gross-looking laptap case, but Japanese no-name brand Muji has succeeded with this one, which even has slots for pencils. Your nerd best friend won’t have to wear a pocket-protector anymore!
MUJI Large Laptop Case, $21,

Your brooding younger brother might enjoy writing his angsty thoughts in one of these handsome notebooks that are handmade in Japan.
Postalco Notebook, $29,

We can’t testify to its strength against thieves, but this bike lock is awfully cute, er…scary, isn’t it?
Snake Bike Lock, $34,