The Hills: LC And Justin Bobby? No Way, Jose!

Despite my sometimes strong aversion to “The Hills,” my DVR was totally set for last night’s showdown. Poor Audrina, hasn’t she had enough trouble with “bad boy” Justin Bobby? Now she hears that her best friend hooked up with him? But would Lauren ever touch someone she hates that much? Hmmm. This was going to be a dramafest.
Audrina claimed to have heard the rumor that Justin and Lauren hooked up from some guy named Dino, who I think is probably the brother of “Tino” the elusive character on “My So-Called Life” who everyone always was looking for. However, some camps believe that the rumor was actually spread by Spencer Pratt, and another source claimed to Us Weekly that Audrina actually made the gossip up in order to get more press. Either way, Audrina confronted Justin about the rumors, after he ignored her calls for days. He refused to directly answer her accusations, but he did a great job chastising her for being so consumed by the gossip. It was hardly a denial.

Lauren did deny it, multiple times, both over the phone and in person (see the clip above). When she confronted Lauren, Lauren denied it and hung up on her. If you have a lot of trust issues, (cough, cough, Lauren, cough) and your best friend accuses you of hooking up with her sleazy boyfriend, you do have the right to be mad. Lauren did go a bit overboard when she screamed at Audrina, “You’re way worse than Heidi!” Come on, sister, get over the Heidi drama already.

So, did Lauren and JB hooked up? Dang it, I hope not, and I really doubt they did. I wouldn’t put such actions past Justin, but that would be stooping pretty low for Lauren. I think Audrina needs to get a grip, cut Mr. Justin Bobby out of her life, and try and work out why she pursues untrustworthy d-bags. But you know what? From the looks of the recent paparazzi photos, with no JB in sight, Audrina might be one step ahead of us. Clever thing, good for her.