The Daily Squeeze: Daniel Radcliffe’s Member, Matthew Williamson For H&M, And Giant Rats

  • Daniel Radcliffe experiences shrinkage while performing naked in Equus. He says he doesn’t fear getting an erection, he wishes he would get one, because then, he’d appear a little larger on stage. Watch that video, or this one, or this one. Gosh, I think I have a crush on him. [Bravo]
  • Matthew Williamson is the next fashion designer to collaborate with H&M! His women’s collection will go on sale in selected stores April 23, followed by men’s and women’s pieces in all stores in mid-May. [Vogue, U.K.]
  • The length of sperm might not matter in trying to figure out which ones swim successfully. [EurekAlert]
  • Giant rats are being used in Mozambique to sniff out explosive devices buried across the countryside and in Tanzania to detect TB bacteria in saliva samples. Could giant rats be the new dogs? [Make]