The Not-So-Secret ‘Stache

Women in the Western World have waged war against face fuzz because, let’s face it, facial hair on women is not sexy nor flattering, unless it’s a well-groomed brow. That’s why the best job the Bearded Lady could get was at a carnival. But there are some women (and men) who have embraced the female mustache. Whether you like the look or not, you have to admit that these women have a sort of attraction because they buck the beauty norm. Continue reading for women whose mustaches have gotten them noticed.

SoCal ‘Stache
Lauren Conrad
Reality TV Star/”Fashion Designer”
The Original Bad Ass ‘Stache
Frida Kahlo
Sasha ‘Stache
This Is What A Feminist ‘Stache Looks Like
Ashley Judd
Fierce Tranny ‘Stache
Tyra Banks
Model/Talk Show Host
Tongue In Cheek ‘Stache
Marcel Duchamp’s L.H.O.O.Q.
Mona Lisa parody
Super Spawn ‘Stache
Lourdes Ciccone
Madonna’s daughter
C-List ‘Stache
Elisha Cuthbert
Political ‘Stache
Sarah Palin
Governor of Alaska/Former Vice-Presidential Candidate
Model Milk ‘Stache
Heidi Klum
Model/Host Of “Project Runway”