All I Want For Christmas Is A Beach Vacation

According to today’s New York Times’ Business section, travel is expect to be down — way down — this holiday season and last minute deals on airfares and hotels could dip just as low. This is bad news for the economy, but great news for people like moi, who hate all the over the top cheer of the holiday season. I’d like nothing more than to escape the twinkling Christmas lights and street clogging shoppers and spend my holidays lounging on a beach with a cocktail in one hand and a gossip magazine in the other. And with the promise of doing it on the cheap, I just may.According to the Times:

Now travel companies are rushing to fill space, with resorts in popular holiday hotspots reducing minimum stay requirements, throwing in extras and cutting prices. As of Monday, was offering a four-night Bahamas cruise from Miami for just $99 a person. “That’s $25 a night including room and board and entertainment,” said Chris McGinnis, editor of the Expedia Travel Trendwatch. “You can’t live at home for that cheap.”

Whee! With that in mind, I decided to go on the hunt for some travels deals on my own.

  • Hawaii: United Airlines flight plus four nights, from $533
  • Mexico: American Airlines flight plus four nights, from $375
  • London: Virgin Atlantic flight plus four nights, from $205 each way
  • Bermuda: Flight plus four nights, from $546
  • And this is a full month in advance of the holiday crunch — experts say prices will continue to drop, so keep checking in with sites like,, and for more last minute deals on holiday travel. Start making me a mai tai now, bitches. [NY Times]