You Could Spend $75 On A Psychic, Or You Could Buy Something For Yourself

Because the stock market and the economy are so volatile right now, people are looking for any kind of guidance they can get — even if that means turning to the supernatural. According to a New York Times article, psychics and astrologers are doing big business these days, with clients paying anywhere from $75 to $1,000 an hour for a little insight. While we love our Kiki T and her advice, we can think of a few things that would make us feel better than knowing we’re going to lose another chunk of change this week. After all, a psychic’s advice about the stock market lasts for a day, but a horse bit necklace is forever. Keep reading for 10 alternative ways to spend $75 that will make you feel better about yourself, if not the world…

  1. A 60-minute “Head Over Heels” pedicure at Bliss ($65), because you need to relieve some tension.
  2. Two of these Aveen Tina Monocle Necklaces ($38 each), because you and your best friend deserve prizes for listening to each other gripe about having no money.
  3. Tingler head massagers ($16.98 each, including shipping) for you and three friends, because these things will make you feel amazing, really. It may look like a whisk, but it works wonders.
  4. Four months of three movies at a time with Netflix ($16.99 per month), because watching a good movie will help you forget about the troubles in your own life.
  5. A day with a Zipcar ($65.45 per day), because you need to get away.
  6. Six yoga classes, mat included, at Yoga To The People ($12), because yoga works wonders on people, just look at Madonna (or don’t if her muscles scare you).
  7. An In God We Trust Horse Bit Necklace ($65), just because.
  8. Nine $8 manicures, because some people judge you by looking at your hands, and chipped polish says, “I’m po’.”
  9. A John Derian “Advice” Tray ($65), because living in a hovel with nothing pretty to look at will just depress you more.
  10. Two Madewell Grandpa Cardigans ($39.50 each), because they’re as comfortable as can be, but aren’t too fancy for hanging out at home after you lose your job.