The Frisky Gift Guide: For The Woman Who Gave Birth To You

Your mother is probably a pretty remarkable lady — I know mine is. But what do you get the woman who provides moral support at 6am when your radiator is spewing hot water? Yeah, buying a present as special as Mom is a tall order.

If your mother were a tree, then you would be her acorn, as opposed to her child. Remind her that you know where you came from with this silver necklace.
Silver Acorn Pendant, $90,

Is your mom a Domino-subscribing decor-ista? If she appreciates pretty things, she’ll probably like this classy cameo vase. Fill it with fresh flowers for bonus points.
Cameo Vase, $40.80,

If your mom spends hours in the kitchen baking delicious pastries, she will simply adore this time-saving kitchen contraption. It cuts pies into six slices in one motion. And since all of the pieces are the same size, there won’t be any sibling rivalry.
Pie Cutter, $33,

The mother who loves to entertain will enjoy serving mojitos in these cute glasses with swimmers on them; however, they might bring back bad memories of the time you almost drowned at the beach when you were 10.
Swimmers Glassware, $5.50 each,

Sure, this might look like a really classy Christmas ornament, but it’s actually a witch ball. The pretty, hand-blown glass ball is supposed to capture evil spirits, so have her hang it by a window year round to protect herself.
6″ Birthday Witch Ball, $41.95,