The Frisky Gift Guide: Customizable Presents

Children love anything that is one-of-a-kind or with their names on it. But newsflash, so do adults, especially if they have uncommon names that manufacturers neglect to put on novelty items. Customized or personalized gifts are the best to give because they show you know the receiver rather well and the gift wasn’t a last minute idea. Plus, you can design and purchase all of these gifts online, so you can avoid the holiday shopping frenzy all together. We suggest you order these gifts early because it can take a couple of weeks to complete the order.

Personalized Action Figure
Prices Vary
Make Your Own Rugby
Prices Vary
Personalized M&M’s
Prices Vary
Your Sole Mate
Prices Vary
My Pirolette
Starting at $49.95
Prices Vary
Monogrammed Sippy Cup
I Love T-shirt
Personalized PlatesTights
Custom Skateboards
Starting at $59.95
Photo Sculpture
Starting at $15