Quickies!: A New Name For Hot Guys With Beards

  • A field guide to the metrognome. [Jezebel]
  • Wendy Whitaker was deemed a sex offender 10 years ago for giving her 16-year-old boyfriend a blow job when she was 17. Now, she and her husband are being evicted from their home because it’s near a school. [College Candy]
  • A list of the seven most annoying people at Thanksgiving dinner. [Holy Taco]
  • Women, especially adolescents, need to speak up about painful periods. What used to be thought of as a fact of life could actually be signs of a preexisting medical illness. [New York Times]
  • We told you how your behavior can impress your mate’s parents during the holiday meet and greet, but did you know these hostess gifts will further impress his mother? [Your Tango]
  • We’ve been wondering this, so we know you have too: what’s the deal with men and skinny pants? Here’s one fashion maverick’s thoughts on his skinny pants. [Daily Bedpost]
  • Viagra may be the performance enhancing drug of choice for athletes. [Asylum]
  • Juries don’t believe date rape exists, so acquaintance rapes are harder to prosecute. [Dear Sugar]