Crave: Lovely Holiday Cards

Every year we mean to send out holiday cards, and every year we get so sidetracked by all the pretty lights and mistletoe and marshmallow snowmen that we never get around to it. And after the holidays we even go so far as to stock up on holiday cards that are 75% off at all the stores so we can save money and have cards when the next holiday season rolls around. But by then, we have no idea what has happened to those cards and once again, we get sidetracked by the prettiness of the holidays and we never get around to buying new ones. WELL NO MORE! This year we will start early, we will get cards before we are sidetracked. We will buy pretty cards, like these, and we will write in them and address them and mail them off in record time and everyone will love them! Only, it will have been so long since they’ve heard from us they won’t remember who we are. [Box of 12 for $18, Shop Red Bean]