Necessary Luxuries: What We Won’t Give Up, Recession Be Damned

I wouldn’t consider myself to be a Grade A snob, despite what some may think. I may carry an expensive bag or be sporting expensive shoes, but chances are that I’m wearing Forever 21 everywhere else. I prefer a diner sandwich to a fancy meal, have cut myself off from mani/pedis and learned to polish my own, and am getting a little less bitter about the subway. In these tough economic times, we’re all trying to cut back, but there are some things we’re just not willing to give up. Our Emily is holding on tight to her book obsession and stocking her fridge with treats at Whole Foods. Amelia refuses to give up her her 45 minutes a week in the massage chair at the nail salon. Catherine loves her expensive magazines from Europe and Australia, even if they cost her a pretty penny. Annika, like myself, is all about the grooming.

Yes, I’ve learned how to paint my own nails, which is actually quite a feat, and I’m now going to less expensive waxing places, but there’s no way I’m ever giving up beauty treatments. In addition, I won’t get a crappy haircut from a place I don’t trust. Um, and I also caved and started getting my eyelash extensions again, but they are only a quarter of the former price, I swear! (And I got a free hand and foot massage!)

But what it really comes down to is the products. It’s sad to admit, but I could probably out-shop anybody else on the planet when it comes to drug stores. Bring me to a CVS and I will clean house. Certain soaps, hair products, feminine products, medicines, and even the crap at the register — chapstick! teeny, tiny nail clippers! gum! — all just suck me right in. I also should not be let within a 20 mile radius of Sephora.

So there you have it. You can only take a girl out of her comfort zone so far. I’m proud to report that I no longer allow myself to buy every single tabloid the day they hit stands, I stopped ordering in food every night, I rarely get my hair glossed anymore, and I’m braving the NYC subway system despite my claustrophobia and anxiety issues. But take away my Kerastase or Tampax brand tampons and we’ll have an issue. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to head home and make myself a microwaveable veggie burger for dinner.

So what are YOUR necessities that you’re just not willing to give up, economic crisis be damned?