Who IS Kristen Stewart, Anyway?

Poor Kristen Stewart. The actress who plays Bella in “Twilight” (Did you see it yet?!) has to deal with all of the rabid, screaming fans, but chances are most of the adoration is directed at her male co-star, Robert Pattinson. The thing is, though I haven’t seen the film just yet, given Kristen’s other work, she is probably the most perfectly cast actor in the film. You see, Kristen Stewart was an actress before “Twilight” and while the vampire filmed (and it’s probable subsequent sequals) are going to make her a mega star, she’s gotten plenty of critical attention in the past. After the jump, everything you could ever want to know about the actress who is going to be the biggest thing since, well, Robert Pattinson.LOVES: Kristen is 18 and still finishing up highschool, so she hasn’t had many boyfriends like some of young Hollywood. That said, she’s been in a relationship with actor Michael Angarano, whom she met on the set of the film “Speak” in 2004. Seriously, these kids have been dating since they were 14 — and so it makes sense that Kristen drew upon her young relationship when playing Bella in “Twilight.” As for Angarano? You might recognize him as the kid who played Jack’s son on “Will & Grace,” or from his role in “Lords of Dogtown.”

Kristen may be totally committed to Angarano, but that has not stopped her “Twilight” costar, Pattinson, from expressing his massive crush on her before, during, and even after filming. He even proposed marriage to her at one point, told Vanity Fair that she was his celebrity crush, and as recently as, um, yesterday, confessed to still having the hots for her. Why do I suspect that eventually Kristen is just going to give in?

CREW: One of the thing we like most about Kristen is that she isn’t part of the whole Hollywood scene — perhaps that’s because she grew up in Los Angeles amongst a show business family (her dad is a TV producer and her mom is a screenwriter) so the limelight never seemed glamorous. As a result, most of Kristen’s friends are from high school and are not in the industry. But because she’s been lucky enough to work with some smart and amazing young stars on movies, she has developed close friends with some of her co-stars, including Emile Hirsch and Jena Malone, whom she met on the set of “Into The Wild.” But it was on the set of “Twilight” where she met a true kindred spirit in Nikki Reed, who plays Rosalie. She and Nikki became fast best friends and are even starring in another movie together.

CAREER: Though she’s been acting professionally since she was eight, Kristen’s breakout role was as Jodie Foster’s daughter in the thriller “Panic Room” in 2004. She followed that up with some real stinkers — “Cold Creek Manor” and “Catch That Kid” — but her role in the TV movie “Speak” (where she met her boyfriend). More adult roles came in “Zathura,” “The Messengers,” and “In The Land Of Women,” while her role as a somewhat sexy, hippie girl in “Into The Wild” is what led to her being cast as Bella in “Twilight.” It’s that rolethat is sure to skyrocket career her into the national conciousness. Since wrapping “Twilight,” she’s been working on “Adventureland,” “Welcome to the Rileys,” and “K11″ alongside Nikki Reed.