“Twilight” Terms And Miscellaneous Facts

Everyone and their momma is planning to see “Twilight” this weekend. I’m sure most of them have read the book, but in case there are a few people that haven’t, or if you need to refresh your memory, we’ve compiled a list of pertinent “Twilight” facts, thanks to Twilight Lexicon. Twilight cheat sheet after the jump. Vegetarian vampires: Vampires that don’t consume human blood. Instead, they hunt big game predators (bears etc.), like the Cullens.

Uncivilized vampires: Vampires that consume human blood and are more animalistic, wild and uncontrolled. They’re described as walking as if they’re “on the edge of shifting into a crouch” to attack.

Vampire eye color changes frequently in the “Twilight” series: Black means the vampire is thirsting for blood. Light gold or topaz means his/her thirst has been sated or that they have been hunting lately. Uncivilized vampires have a deep burgundy-colored eyes because they feast on human blood.

Superhuman speed: “Twilight” vampires can cover a few hours distance in just a few moments. Speed is effortless and exhilarating for them.

Superhuman strength: Human blood only makes them a little stronger than animal blood. Vegetarian vampires hunt big game predators, which are stronger than weaker prey animals.

Weapons: Besides having enhanced senses, vampires also have a sixth sense, which can include the ability to mind read, see future events and alter the mood of others. Their smell or odor entices victims. Also, they possess a venom that causes transformation into vampire, which feels like the person is on fire.

Vampire physiology: There are no physical changes after transformation. Hair and fingernails no longer grow. Vampires can’t gain weight, sleep, sweat or cry and they don’t have any blood of their own. They can go out in the sun, but the sun causes their skin to sparkle like a diamond. And their body and skin is hard like marble or granite.

Killing a vampire: A vampire cannot die from starvation, but not feeding can alter their mental state. The only way to kill a vampire is for another vampire to rip it to shreds.