In Bed With…Barack Obama

Born: Aug 4, 1961, 7:24 PM in Honolulu, Hawaii
Sun Sign (Basic Self): Leo
Ascendant (Social Façade): Aquarius
Moon (Emotions): Gemini Sexual M.O.:

That stately and cool façade doesn’t exactly dictate the freaky hotness that Mr. President-Elect unleashes in the boudoir. Born under the sign of romance, he’s never short on charisma and is a man out to win. When an attraction strikes, he’ll do whatever it takes to seduce the lady of his choice. Not shy to show off his finesse in the art of wooing, he’s the original wine, dine and make you swoon Casanova — a courageous soul willing to be the charming fool that’ll do anything for love. He’s a classic gentleman through and through, a type that could do a hooker and not make her feel cheap.

However, that’s only half the story, because the other half is the one behind closed doors; this man is out to party and loves to get nasty. As his air elements dictate, he’s a man that appreciates good kink and has a curiosity that could make even Caligula blush. To him, experimenting and being mental about his approach to sex is just as important as his physical or emotional drive. Learning is an important aspect in all he does and desire is just another thing on his list that he likes to explore. One on hand, this can make him a bit detached during sex at times, but on the other, it makes him want to serve and orate where it counts too.

Electric props and role-playing are probably also no strangers to his sexual repertoire and no doubt there probably has been some same-sex fantasies thrown in the mix as well. To him, anything that can teach him about himself and humanity turns him on and if that means having to strip down to the flesh and work the anal beads, “why not?” is most likely his attitude. The best news of all though is that he has a soul and his emotions are sincere, as his moon, Jupiter and Venus are lodged in a sentimental position in his chart, bestowing him the power to know when it’s time to play and when it’s time to make the kind of love that’ll make you want to cry. However, not just anyone can bring those feelings out of him, as to kowtow himself to another on that level will require someone he worships. The more he adores whom he is with, the more subservient of a role he will play with them — and there will be no limits to his obedience. Thankfully, with a healthy size ego, he’s out for a challenge and submission won’t come at a low price as he knows not to hand his ass over on a plate to anyone less than worthy of his endowed and divine gifts.

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