Face Off: The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Orange County & New York City

Sadly, the first season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” will come to an end after the reunion episode this Tuesday. These women were by far the most entertaining of the Bravo “Real Housewives” franchise because they didn’t keep up appearances for the camera, but let the true drama fly. I’m the only loser at The Frisky that watched every season of this franchise, so I decided to compare the Atlanta housewives with the Orange County and New York housewives. I do have to say that the first season of “Orange County” was entertaining because it was a new concept. I didn’t enjoy “New York” as much because it really exemplified the theory of two New Yorks, one for the haves and a completely different one for the have-nots. My comparisons, as I recall, after the jump.