20 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Hot This Winter

Sure, the summer months are filled with picnics, beach days, and travel to far-flung hot spots, but that doesn’t mean romance has to die when winter rolls around. Besides the most obvious cold weather distraction for couples, here are 20 date ideas for heating things up when the temperature drops.

  1. Make hot chocolate cocktails. Get creative with peppermint schnapps, Bailey’s, Kahlua, or white chocolate liquor and hold a taste-off to see who mixed the best drink.
  2. Go ice skating together. There’s something about bundling up and gliding around — or falling down — on the ice with your honey that makes winter seem almost, well, fun.
  3. Take a weekend get away at a bed-and-breakfast. For extra fun, book a room with a Jacuzzi.
  4. Bundle up and indulge in a little G-rated winter calorie-burning: cross-country skiing.
  5. Play tourist in your hometown and take a carriage ride huddled beneath a blanket. Geocities has information and links to carriage, wagon, buggy, and sleigh rides across the US.
  6. Get in touch with your inner child and hit a roller rink for the less icy kind of skating. Can’t you hear the disco music already?
  7. Invite another couple or two over for a wine tasting. Ask each person to bring one bottle, and with any luck, you’ll have a little vino leftover to curl up with in front of the fireplace the next night, too.
  8. Go moonlight sledding on the nearest snow-covered hill.
  9. Pretend you’re in college again and spend an afternoon at your local coffee shop downing bottomless cups of joe and discussing your big dreams for the future.
  10. Create a winter weekend playlist, full of songs that make you feel frisky.
  11. Start your playlist, light some candles, and make a romantic dinner together.
  12. Skip the dinner and go straight to the dessert by making some indoor s’mores or chocolate fondue! Epicurious.com has several easy fondue recipes.
  13. Take a Bikram yoga class together. The studio is heated to around 100 degrees, making your limbs loose and your body stimulated.
  14. You’ll be sweaty afterwards, so why not take a steamy shower together?
  15. Do a double feature. Escape to the warmth of a movie theater for a few hours and watch two films back-to-back. Sit in the back, do a little necking, and remember why you loved going on movie dates so much as a teenager.
  16. Bundle up and roll around in the snow together, making snow angels.
  17. Pull out all your board games, invite some friends, and host an old-fashioned Game Night. One of our new favorites is “Apples To Apples,” a game that may do wonders for your next family get-together, too!
  18. Take a Samba dance class together.
  19. Spend some time under the mistletoe.
  20. If all else fails, plan and book a spring break trip to a tropical beach locale.