The Daily Squeeze: “Twilight” Is Good For Business And Inmates Find A Way To Have Sex

  • Forks, WA, has had an unexpected surge in tourists, or rather Edward stalkers, who have been making pilgrimages to the town. [NPR]
  • In other “Twilight”-related news, Hot Topic reported an 11.4 percent increase in profits for the third quarter, helped largely by sales from its license with the movie. [DNR]
  • Six inmates at a southern Indiana jail removed ceiling tiles and created a passage between cell blocks that allowed them to have sex with members of the opposite sex. [CBS News]
  • Karl Lagerfeld designed a five euro coin in celebration of the 125th anniversary of Coco Chanel birth — certainly the most fascinating piece of money ever. [Grazia]
  • Joe the Plumber signed a book deal. He must have been really busy writing during the last few weeks because the book will be published Dec. 1. [NY Mag]