“Milk” Biopic Rocks My World

Last night, I got to sneak a peak of the movie “Milk”, which opens in theaters on November 26th, and James Franco naked, swimming in a pool. I’m not sure which one was more life changing, the booty or the biopic, but they were both even better than I had dreamed. “Milk,” about the life and times of Harvey Milk, the first gay man elected to public office back in the 1970s, seems unbelievably relevant today with the passing of Prop 8 earlier this month. While the film was shot long before the recent rallies, eerily enough, Milk was largely responsible for stopping California’s Prop 6, which would have made it legal to fire any employee and deny them housing simply because they were gay. The interwoven documentary footage from Milk’s protests look almost identical to that of this past weekend’s Join The Impact nationwide march — same cause, different decade. In the film’s time period, homosexuals were the target of similarly bigoted legislation and there was a major religion-based movement trying to blanket the U.S. with anti-gay laws. But when they tried to bring the discriminatory legislation to California, Milk and his right hand lady Anne Kronenberg, who is currently the Deputy Director for Administration and Planning of the San Francisco Department of Public Health, brought the gay community together and were successfully able to fight for their rights. Now, nearly 30 years later, with the raging debate over Prop 8, the country is in desperate need of a leader like Harvey Milk to organize opposition….and here he is back in celluloid form to remind us to come out and stand up! With incredible Oscar-worthy performances by actors like Sean Penn, James Franco, Josh Brolin, and Emile Hirsch, hopefully they will continue to inspire us all to get behind this important civil rights issue. As Harvey Milk says, “Hope will never be silent!”