Lori Drew On Trial For Breaking MySpace’s Rules

A big trial is going on right now in Los Angeles. Lori Drew, 49, the woman who is accused of using harassing a 13-year-old girl on MySpace, leading to her suicide, was charged with one count of conspiracy and three counts of accessing computers without authorization, to which she pleaded not guilty. The trial is our country’s first that deals with cyber bullying, so what happens to Drew is kind of a big deal. To bring you up to speed on things, here’s what led Drew to court…Drew supposedly opened a MySpace account under the name “Josh Evans” and created a profile for this person, a 16-year-old boy. She and others used the account to talk to 13-year-old Megan Meier, a neighbor of Drew’s and former classmate of Drew’s daughter. Meier supposedly ended a friendship with Drew’s daughter, and Drew decided to torment the girl in retaliation. So, out of nowhere, “Josh” befriended Meier on MySpace, started talking and flirting with her, and then, one day, pulled the plug and was mean to Meier, who was already being treated for ADD and depression, who hung herself in her closet and died the next day.

Perhaps the craziest part of the case is that Drew isn’t on trial for murder or any violent crime. Mostly, she’s in court because she violated MySpace’s rules. A judge said Meier’s suicide should not be a factor in the case, but don’t you think jurors will have a hard time not considering the girl’s death? The story has been everywhere for the last couple years, and how can you not side with a 13 year old over a 49-year-old Mean Girl?

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