Decade By Decade: Life Gets Better With Age

Annika Harris | November 20, 2008 - 8:00 pm

People sometimes warn teenagers that their high school years are the best of their lives (“So appreciate them!”). That’s so wrong. First off, zits and residual baby fat aren’t fun. Also, very rarely do teens know who they really are. They’re either trying to win the popularity contest or have settled into the role of an outcast. And the first heartbreak is never the best time. That’s why we think life gets better as you age. After the jump, our lists of the best of every decade of life. Feel free to add to the lists in the comments.

In your 20’s you…

  • have your first real adult romance.
  • feel you can conquer the world.
  • have your first real taste of freedom.
  • can travel without responsibilities.
  • don’t have to apologize for partaking in every fashion trend.
  • In your 30’s you…

  • can afford the things you really want.
  • start taking care of your finances.
  • know if settling down and having children is the right choice for you.
  • have dumped your fair-weather-friends from your 20’s.
  • have a vast assortment of skills.
  • In your 40’s you…

  • know retirement is attainable.
  • have self-confidence and have made peace with your inevitable wrinkles.
  • realize stiletto heels aren’t necessary.
  • take joy in the achievements of yourself, children and friends.
  • have developed a signature style.
  • In your 50’s you…

  • become closer to your parents.
  • show more compassion.
  • realize gray hair is sexy and distinguished.
  • realize “midlife crisis” can be your go-to excuse for everything.
  • have the courage to change careers.
  • no longer get embarrassed.
  • can join The Red Hat Society.
  • In your 60’s you…

  • have wisdom and experience.
  • can say whatever you want, finally.
  • finally get to retire.
  • are better at crossword puzzles.
  • can move into a really happening retirement community in a warm climate.
  • can spoil your grandchildren.
  • get a senior discount everywhere!