Ask The Astrosexologist: Should I Trade In My Capricorn Husband For A Gemini Boy Toy?

I’ve been in a relationship for 10+years (we’re both Capricorns) and we got married last April. We own a house together, have a dog, etc. He is a computer geek (I’m an amateur photographer), however, a couple of years ago he traded in his hardcore gaming lifestyle for a hobby we could share together — racing his car. We had great fun getting away for the weekends and spending time together.

Unfortunately, this came to a screeching halt a few months ago when he wrecked his car at the track and the insurance failed to pay. So, on top of having his hobby squashed, we were stressed about the car we are still paying off and he turned back to video games to fill his time…all of his free time. At our core we are very different. I like to go out, have a good time, be social and have fun. He likes to stay at home and play games. To defy him, I started going out with close friends all of the time, including one guy friend in particular, who I had hooked up with years ago. He’s a Gemini.

One thing led to another and we messed around again. My dilemma is I’m now married, fairly unhappy and I have never felt the way I felt when I was with him, with my husband. I don’t know if that is the excitement, the fear and anticipation of being caught, or just being acknowledged since I’m being put on the back burner at home. The worst part is my Gemini toy doesn’t want to discuss what happened. He’d rather run away to Italy, which I’m considering at this point. Help me! My birthday: 1/12/82. My husband’s: 1/17/82 and the Gemini: 6/1/83. – Distressed Capricorn

With almost the same charts, the only difference between you and your husband is your moon signs — but even those are compatible, which means all is far from lost. Your moon is in Virgo, while his is in Scorpio. This makes for a great companionship and ability to work as team. However, neither of these moons dictates personalities that are upfront with their emotions. So, when trouble hits, he shuts off, while you wait for his cues and no one takes control.

From the sound of it though, it does seem you still love him and the fling is a place where you can escape from reality. Who can blame you? With a husband that feels beat down by a mound of financial troubles, a Gemini is the perfect drug for all your woes. They love to talk, tend to have a charming sense of humor, want to party until dawn and, in your case, his Aquarius moon and Gemini Mars makes him the perfect non-committal type you can get lost thinking about, as he is obviously unattainable for a relationship. However, instead of getting in deeper with one guy and slipping farther way from the other, it sounds like you need to take a break from both to sort out what you want for you and your marriage.

First, start with you. Is being an amateur photographer just a hobby or is it something you would love to do professionally? Capricorn women tend to be too devoted, wasting their entrepreneurial prowess on their man’s dream rather than taking on their own. In figuring out your path and passions, this will make life a lot clearer to see what kind of person you want to share it with. Plus, there are amazing aspects coming for Capricorn. In fact, Jupiter, the planet of luck, is in Capricorn and in a near exact trine to your sun (astro talk for turbo power of luck). Over the next month, this power will be the most intense — perfect for you to launch a new project, like signing up for photography classes or do more shooting.

Don’t let this energy go to waste thinking about men, use it for thinking about you. Your husband is going to have to face reality and you can talk to him all you want, but until he makes those moves himself, you can’t sit around waiting for him to emerge from his darkness. Inspire him by example. If he sees you doing what you love, this should cause a chain reaction and if it doesn’t, it’ll show you what he really is made of and provide you important insight into what your future would be like if you stayed with him.

As for the escape artist Gemini, he isn’t where you should be placing your bets either as his inability to want to take responsibility for his actions by ignoring conversation about it says all you need to know about him. Right now the cards are stacked in your favor, so play to win and bet the house on you.

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