Sweet Release: What’s In And Out The Week Of November 19th 2008


  • Beyoncé I Am…Sasha Fierce
    With this two disc release, Beyonce is all about fantasizing. She’s been slipping on her gling and calling herself Sasha Fierce. The first disc she’s still Beyonce, imagining what she’d do “If I Were A Boy.” Yet she’s got something to say to the gents, “If you like it, you should put a ring on it.” Hm, wonder if that’s the line she used on Jay-Z? But truly, the Queen B is going deeper on her record. Soft songs like “That’s Why You’re Beautiful” are atypical for the happenin’ hit maker, but they beautifully subtle, for once. As Sasha Fierce, on disc two, she throws the dance floor some bones with hot tracks like “Diva” and “Radio.” There’s something for everyone, from club bumpin’ “Say My Name”-esque booty jams to adult laments.
  • Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan Sunday At Devil Dirt
    This duo is like Tom Waits backed by Bridget Bardot. This is one seductive record, well worth the import price.
  • Belle & Sebastian BBC Session
    The well-orchestrated, Nick Drake-like nerds of Belle & Sebastian have finally released some tracks from back in the ’90s, a time when they were too shy to really perform. Hidden gems, like a cover of The Beatles’ “Here Comes The Sun,” stand up next to their classic tracks like “Stars of Track and Field.”

  • Chester French She Loves Everybody
    The EP of this preppy ’80s-influenced band is tucked in the cleverest packaging — a fake condom wrapper. You’ll probably need one after dry humping to the Steve Aoki or Neptunes remixes.
  • Anathallo Canopy Glow
    Indie Midwesterners harmonize about death and it’s not dreary at all.
  • David Cook David Cook
    Congrats to the “American Idol” winner on his first record. He’s got a decent rock voice, but I need a mac to go with these cheesy lyrics.
  • Dido Safe Trip Home
    Sweet and simple, just what we’ve come to love from Dido. Songs like “Don’t Believe In Love” have her grooving ballads, just like old times.
  • Shontelle Shontellegence
    And the winner of most hilarious album title goes to….seriously. You know girlfriend is going to try to spin this catch phrase into a daytime talk show. The record is chock full of Top 40 style advice — better look out TyTy!