How To Survive The Holidays

Already, the holidays are right around the corner, and before you know it, they’ll be here. But come Christmas Day, if everyone’s supposed to be brimming with cheer, why is mom crying at the stove and Uncle Pete hanging out down at the local bar? Probably because of all the baggage we carry into the holidays. Luckily, has created a how to guide to surviving the season. It all comes down to the Three F’s: family, finances, and food — and if we can add a fourth — fun! After the jump, how to handle your family during the holidays. Family is all about acceptance. Give yourself one goal — to love them as they are (yes, really!). If you must choose being right or being kind, choose kindness. If all else fails, create a sense of impenetrable harmony within. Keep your daily routines up during the busy season to give yourself stability. Ditto for exercise and rest — you’ll need both to stay sane!

1) Stay home. Given the choice between flight delays, crowded highways, sleeping on a pull-out couch vs. the comforts of home, we’ll take home any day! There’s never been a better time to stay put for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas. You can plan a family visit for sometime next spring or summer, and stay home with your friends, significant other or the kids. It’ll be a low-key holiday full of your kind of fun, and best of all, it’ll be (relatively) stress free.

2) Take a time out. If you are able to travel and find yourself at a sibling’s throat or exhausted from all the back and forth, give yourself permission to have down time. Take a walk, take a nap, meditate or hit a yoga class (or do some poses on your own.)
It’s OK to say you need to unwind and recharge. If you take a break from being so “on” 24-7, you might just make it through the holiday emotionally unscathed.

3) Let it go. Have you ever noticed that you end up having the same argument or rehashing the same old stories over and over each year? All that does is open old wounds and create tension where there needn’t be any. This year, resolve to only make positive statements. If you do feel anger, frustration or negative thoughts rising, allow them to pass through without articulation. Breathe deeply, leave the room for a moment if needed. Be the peacekeeper, and get people involved in creating new memories that will make better stories for next year.

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