We’d Like To Be Ryan Gosling’s Beard

While us gals are pulling on tights and wrapping scarves around our necks to warm ourselves during the cold months, guys can get nature to help by growing out their facial hair. We’re big believers in scruff, but sometimes guys like to get a little experimental. After all, for them, facial hair is like an accessory. If your boyfriend has stopped shaving in hopes that he’ll have a woolly beard in a few weeks, check out the facial hair of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Adrian Brody below so you can provide some guidance. Or just look at the manly faces and drool.Brad Pitt
Mustaches are kind of creepy, even on Brad Pitt; Yuck; Yay! We love seeing Brad’s beautiful face.

George Clooney
Imitating his friend Brad, George tried to sport a goatee. Not the best look for him; Isn’t he dashing with a full beard?; George also looks quite good clean-shaven.

Jake Gyllenhaal
A little bit of scruff goes a long way; Whenever Jake has a beard, he reminds us of a teddy bear; Jake looks good without hair, too, but he almost always keeps a little something on his face.

Adrian Brody
We are scared; Very, very, very scared. This beard better be for a movie; Glorious.

[Photos: Splash News and AP]