The Daily Squeeze: Gap’s Bike, Barack’s Hair, “Twilight” Tickets, And The First Wedding Ring

  • Gap is selling cute argyle bikes for the holidays, and we want one. [Racked]
  • Barack Obama’s barber says the President-elect has not gotten any grayer over the course of the last couple years. Even if it has, he still looks debonair. [Us Magazine]
  • Women perceive men with square jaws and well-defined brow ridges to be good short-term partners, and we think that more feminine traits, like rounder faces and fuller lips, means they’ll be better long-term mates. [LiveScience]
  • Advance ticket sales for “Twilight” are outpacing “High School Musical 3: Senior Year,” which opened to $42 million. According to, almost 400 runs of “Twilight” are sold out for opening weekend. We hope you already bought your tickets — we might have to sneak in. [Variety]
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibit Art and Love in Renaissance Italy opens today in New York. It features 150 objects, including the earliest known wedding ring. []