Gossip Girl: Maybe It Hasn’t Jumped The Shark

The gloriously gorgeous Nate Archibald is back and he brought a good storyline with him! The Captain, aka Nate’s father, is back and he has secret plans. While Nate is initially surprised that his dad wants to make a life with him and his naïve mother, he eventually finds out the truth with Vanessa and the FBI’s help. Extortion and kidnapping? Excellent work, writers of GG! To think Nate’s own father would basically hold his wife and child for ransom, is so terribly sad and pathetic. I’m glad Nate put on his big boy pants and turned him in. He is now truly the man of the family. Tear! Speaking of growing up, Chuck Bass sure has discovered his sweet side hasn’t he? What a good stepbrother he was to show Eric the safe and his dossier. I’m sure that nothing in Eric or Serena’s files were really so shocking — after all, we already know that Serena accidentally helped kill someone sorta — but Lily! We finally got to find out her secret. She was in an institution at 19-years-old…but we still have to wait to find out why. My guess would be something to do with a wild childhood, her undying love for a guy she wasn’t allowed to be with, and probably some sort of substance abuse. Lily has suddenly become so much more intriguing. I smell that the Bass-Van Der Woodsen clan is headed for trouble. What was up with Lily and crew going to the Humphrey’s for dinner? Whatevs. I hate to say it, but I think Lily and Rufus belong together.

I still fully disapprove of Aaron Rose. He still has chin pubes and he might even be more judgmental than Dan. (Wait is that possible?) And now he’s going to be Blair’s stepbrother. Speaking of Blair, can she and Chuck give into their desires next week please? They need to amp up her storyline, because lord knows it’s the main reason why everyone watches this nonsense.

I’m going to end with Miss Vanessa. I know Nate is a hot piece, but intercepting Jenny’s letter? Come on. You are supposed to be above the bull, Vanessa. Drama wasn’t supposed to be your middle name! I’m glad Jenny came home; I might’ve shed a tear. I think we all know the feeling of fighting with our parents so much that we want to just go off on our own, but it’s nice to reconcile and know the ones you love are always there. And that’s what this episode was about, family… and secrets, lies and gossip. Until next week, xoxo.