Get Your Rocks Off: Rhett Miller’s Perfect For Some Love

Rhett Miller doesn’t just have a pretty voice. He’s also quite a looker. So it’s inevitable to not get that weak-in-the-knees feeling when he sings, whether it’s with his prolific alt-country band, the Old 97s, or on his solo pop albums. Here, Rhett’s picks for songs to get it on to. Although Rhett cautions, “Don’t try to make love TO the song itself, let it play in the background while you and another human engage in this most primal act.” Wow. He’s smart, too!

Francoise Hardy   Francoise Hardy — “Qui Peut Dire”

The Wedding Present   The Wedding Present — “You Can’t Moan Can You?”

Kings of Leon   Kings of Leon — “Molly’s Chambers”

Echo & The Bunnymen   Echo & The Bunnymen — “Killing Moon”

Redd Kross   Redd Kross — “Peach Kelli Pop”

The Stone Roses   Stone Roses — “(Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister”

Buena Vista Social Club   Buena Vista Social Club — “Amor De Loca Juventud”

Dave Ashby   T. Rex — “Baby Boomerang”

OutKast   Outkast — “Hey Ya!”

The Velvet Underground   Velvet Underground — “What Goes On”

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