Star Couplings: Lindsay Lohan Gets Flour(ed) By PETA Activist

  • So, while in Paris on Friday night, Lindsay Lohan got pelted with a bag of flour by an animal rights activist because she’s “a fur hag.” [YouTube]
  • And Samantha Ronson defended her woman, writing on her blog, “The girl who threw it acted like an animal herself. I take that back, it’s an insult to animals to group her in with them, my dog is FAR more civilized than that person.” Boo-yah. [DListed]
  • Comedian Wanda Sykes came out of the closet as a lesbian at an anti-Prop 8 rally in Las Vegas this weekend. [DListed]
  • Is Jessica Biel’s brother single because I am and I think we should all double date. [Perez Hilton]
  • Despite reports, Ashlee Simpson did not go into labor this weekend. When, when, when is she going to pop? I need to start heating up the flat iron. By the way, flat irons jokes are never going to get old. [Perez Hilton]