Quickies!: Prince Alienates Fans With His Gay Marriage Stance

  • WTF of the year: Tight-purple-pants-wearing Prince is opposed to gay marriage. Check out what else he said as he tapped his Bible. [Candy Kirby]
  • Brooke Shields says “Lipstick Jungle” is not canceled. But we think it will be soon, since it’s been scheduled on Friday nights.[Us magazine]
  • Sex has other health benefits besides making you feel happy and relaxed. [Fit Sugar]
  • We think the Little Pink Card is an absolute necessity for the special man in your life. How else will he know exactly what to get you for the holidays, birthday or anniversary? [Dear Sugar]
  • If you or your spouse have been laid off or fired, then you know the stress it has put on your marriage, but you’re not alone. These 10 survival tips will help you through this rough patch. [Your Tango]
  • Don’t pay a hottie any attention, that’s the first rule of how to land him. [College Candy]
  • The Australian Sex Party is not what you think it is. It’s actually an Australian voting bloc, whose slogan is “we’re serious about sex.” [Asylum]
  • Even though Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes has been dead for many years, you can still hear unreleased music from the former member of TLC. [Popbytes]