Barack Obama And His BlackBerry

Over the course of the presidential campaign, Barack Obama was photographed many, many times with his hands glued to his BlackBerry, or with it attached to his hip in a holster. Soon, Obama’s love affair with his PDA may end. When he moves into the White House this January, his correspondence will be collected under the Presidential Records Act, and there is always the risk of messages being intercepted. No president has been able to have email, and it doesn’t look like Obama will be able to break that barrier. After the jump, read made-up email and text messages Obama would send if he were able to use his BlackBerry while in office. TO: Michelle
I’m sorry, my love, but I’m going to be home late tonight. Stuck in talks with the British PM. Don’t wait up. xoB

TO: Michelle

TO: Reggie Love
Are you free at 4pm for some hoops? White House bball court. Bring it.

TO: Sasha
Hey, Peanut. Mom told me you scored a goal at the soccer game yesterday! Way to be tough out there. I can’t wait to watch you and your sister perform in The Nutcracker this weekend. Love, Dad

TO: Hillary Clinton
Just wanted to wish you and Bill a happy anniversary. See you this afternoon at the cabinet meeting.

TO: Joe Biden
Nice new ‘do, JB. Definitely an improvement over the snow white.

TO: Scarlett Johansson
Seriously, I appreciate the support, but you gotta stop emailing me. It’s weird.