Recession Playlist: 15 Songs About Cash

Making green, spending green and lacking green are all on everyone’s minds these days, especially since the holidays are approaching and our economy hasn’t crawled out of the crapper, yet. Since this recession may have you a little depressed, we decided to lift your spirits with a bit of music. You know, money makes the world go ’round, but so does a banging beat or hot melody. Listen to songs (in no particular order) that will help you forget your money troubles and others that will help you lament your lack of ducats, after the jump.

  1. “My life got no better, same damn ‘Lo sweater. Times is ruff and tuff like leather. Figured out I went the wrong route, so I got with a sick ass click and went all out. Catchin keys from across seas. Rollin in MPV’s. Every week we made forty G’s.”–“C.R.E.A.M.,” Wu Tang Clan
    If you listen to the rest of the lyrics in this song, you’ll realize life was really rough in Shaolin a.k.a. Staten Island. It’s okay, Cash Rules Everything Around Us too.
  2. “On the same boat with a lot of your friends. Waitin’ for the day your ship’ll come in and the tides gonna turn, an’ it’s all gonna roll you away.”–“9 to 5,” Dolly Parton
    This song isn’t about money directly, but we all work hard to make cold, hard cash. Oh yeah, and for the satisfaction of doing a job well.
  3. “My team supreme, stay clean. Triple beam lyrical dream, I be that cat you see at all events bent. Gats in holsters, girls on shoulders. Playboy, I told ya, bein’ mice to me bruise too much, I lose, too much.”–“Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems,” The Notorious B.I.G.
    Biggie was right, when you have a lot of money, the haters seem to come out of the woodwork.
  4. “If you wanna go and take a ride wit me, we three-wheelin’ in the fo’ with the gold D’s. Oh why do I live this way? (Hey, must be the money!) If you wanna go and get high wit’ me, smoke an L in the back of the Benz-y. Oh why must I feel this way? (Hey, must be the money!).”–“Ride Wit’ Me,” Nelly
    If you’ve got it, then you might as well flaunt it.
  5. “She said I’m sorry baby I’m leaving you tonight. I found someone new he’s waitin’ in the car outside. Ah honey how could you do it? We swore each other everlasting love. She said well yeah I know, but when we did–there was one thing we weren’t really thinking of and that’s money.”–“Money Changes Everything,” Cyndi Lauper
    Everlasting love is a lot easier when there’s an everlasting flow of mula.
  6. “I walked in the crib, got two kids, and my baby mama late (uh oh! uh oh! uh oh!). So I had to did, what I had to did ’cause I had to get (duh-ough! duh-ough! duh-ough!). I’m up all night, getting my money right, until the blue and white (po po! po po! po po!). Now the money coming slow, but a least a —– know slow motion better than (no-oh! no-oh! no-oh!).”–“The Food,” Common ft. Kanye West
    Sometimes you have to get that dough the best way you know how, but freedom is more precious than money.
  7. “Question: Tell me what you think about me. I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings. Only ring your celly when I’m feellin’ lonely. When it’s all over please get up and leave. Question: Tell me how you feel about this. Try to control me, boy, you get dismissed. Pay my own fun, oh I pay my own bills. Always 50/50 in relationships.”–“Independent Woman,” Destiny’s Child
    It’s all great to feel empowered, ladies, but why do we want things to be split 50/50 if/when we make more money? I’m just asking.
  8. “I work all night, I work all day, to pay the bills I have to pay. Ain’t it sad and still there never seems to be a single penny left for me. That’s too bad. In my dreams I have a plan, if I got me a wealthy man I wouldn’t have to work at all, I’d fool around and have a ball…”–“Money, Money, Money,” ABBA
    We’ve all had this dream, but learning a better paying skill seems like a more feasible plan.
  9. “Yes, the strong gets more, while the weak ones fade. Empty pockets don’t ever make the grade. Mama may have, papa may have, but God bless the child that’s got his own. That’s got his own.”–“God Bless the Child,” Billie Holiday
    This song is just as true today as it was in Billie Holiday’s time.
  10. “Twenty-five years have come and gone. And she seen a lot of tears of the ones who come in. They really seem to need her there. It’s a sacrifice working day to day for little money just tips for pay. But it’s worth it all just to hear them say that they care.”–“She Works Hard for the Money,” Donna Summer
    I’m not really sure if the woman is a waitress, stripper or prostitute, but I do know this is a tragic tale.
  11. “Some boys kiss me, some boys hug me. I think they’re o.k. If they don’t give me proper credit, I just walk away. They can beg and they can plead, but they can’t see the light, that’s right. ‘Cause the boy with the cold hard cash is always Mr. Right, cause we are…”–“Material Girl,” Madonna
    If you date a man for his money, then what does that make you?
  12. “Now… what y’all wanna do? Wanna be ballers? Shot-callers? Brawlers…who be dippin’ in the Benz wit’ the spoilers, on the low from the Jake in the Taurus. Tryin’ to get my hands on some Grants like Horace. Yeah livin’ the raw deal, three course meals, spaghetti, fettucine, and veal.”–“It’s All About the Benjamins,” Puff Daddy
    No one can deny that Sean Combs lives the good life because he flaunts it so much.
  13. “Money don’t get everything it’s true. What it don’t get I can’t use. So gimme money (that’s what I want). A little money (that’s what I want). That’s what I want, ye-ye-yeh. That’s what I want.”–“Money,” The Beatles
    What about love, huh? Oh wait a minute, money can buy you love or at least affection.
  14. “Eighteen years, 18 years. She got one of yo’ kids, got you for 18 years. I know somebody payin’ child support for one of his kids. His baby mama’s car and crib is bigger than his. You will see him on TV ‘Any Given Sunday.’ Win the Superbowl and drive off in a Hyundai.”–“Gold Digger,” Kanye West
    Fellas, if you’re out there, take note, this is what could happen if you attract a woman that is out of your league with money.
  15. “For the love of money, people will steal from their mother. For the love of money, people will rob their own brother. For the love of money, people can’t even walk the street. Because they never know who in the world they’re gonna beat. For that lean, mean, mean green almighty dollar, money.”–“For the Love of Money,” The O’Jays
    Money really is the root of all evil, whether you have it or you need it. Take a look at Wall Street if you need any clarification.